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About PornX

PornX is a leading online AI image generator, created especially for those looking for Midjourney alternatives where they can create NSFW, adult porn images. Unlike Midjourney, PornX has no restricitons on the type of content and images you are permitted to create. In fact, it is designed specifically for porn. With a suite of high-tech features, incredible image generation at an affordable monthly fee, PornX is quickly becoming known for the best NSFW Midjourney alternative and leading AI porn image generator. Visit PornX here


NSFW Midjourney Features Available

Image Generator

Use the create function on PornX to generate adult NSFW and porn AI images. Select from your favourite tags or use an existing image from the hub to quickly generate impeccable AI porn images. Just like you would with Midjourney, but without the restrictions. 

Inpainting & Upscale

Users of Midjourney will be familiar with upscaling and inpainting. These two features are also available on PornX and enable you to download high resolution images or if you're not happy with the generation, use inpainting to make adjustments. 

Undress (new!)

Have a pre-existing image that you want to undress? Well now you can with this brand new feature only available to premium members of PornX. Simply upload your images, select undress and now you have your favourite girl, nude! Check it out now!

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Midjourney Porn FAQ's

Can Midjourney create NSFW content?

Midjourney is a popular AI-image-generating platform known for creating realistic images and artwork from text prompts. However, the Midjourney team strictly prohibits creating NSFW content, such as pornographic or offensive images. This policy is also reflected in the rules of the official subreddit for Midjourney related content, where posts are required to be related to Midjourney and must not include any NSFW adult content or gore [1]. Therefore, no, Midjourney cannot create NSFW content.

Does Midjourney have a NSFW filter?

Yes, Midjourney, one of the most popular AI-image-generating platforms, has implemented an NSFW filter. This filter is designed to ensure the content generated on the platform is PG-13 and suitable for a wide audience. The guidelines and restrictions applied by the platform include the banning of certain words, behaviors, and emojis, which might lead to the generation of harmful or damaging images. Midjourney urges its users to avoid nudity, fetishes, deformed bodies, cannibalism, violence, racism, homophobia, and other disturbing content. 

To enforce these guidelines, Midjourney has also banned specific words and phrases that can potentially lead to the generation of inappropriate content. Words like "Kill", "Wound", "Sensual", "Twerk", "Jail", "Crack", "Disturbing", "Blood" and more are banned. Furthermore, certain emojis that could be used in conjunction with keywords to generate NSFW content, such as Peach, Eggplant, and Kitchen Knife emojis, are also banned.

However, it should be noted that while these measures are in place, the system isn't completely foolproof. Users can bypass these restrictions by using words that aren’t banned on the platform to access or create NSFW content. This is because certain alternative words, although not explicit in nature, can still lead to the generation of non-PG-13 content. For example, the word "wound" is banned, but the alternative word "injury" is allowed and can still lead to the creation of NSFW content. 

Repeated attempts to bypass these restrictions and violations of the platform's community rules and guidelines may lead to temporary or permanent bans on the user's Midjourney account.

Does Midjourney have limitations?

Yes Midjourney is subject to the following limitations:

  1. Community Guidelines and Content Restrictions:

    Midjourney has set community guidelines to maintain a respectful and safe environment for users. Restrictions include:


    • Users must keep their content within a PG-13 rating, i.e., content should be suitable for people aged 13 and above [1].

    • Content that is disrespectful, aggressive, abusive, violent, or harassing in nature is not allowed [1].

    • Adult content, gore, and visually shocking or disturbing content are prohibited. This includes nudity, sexual organs, sexual imagery, images of detached body parts, cannibalism, blood, violence, etc. [1].

    • Users are not allowed to publicly repost others' creations without their permission [1].

    • Content that could be considered offensive, abusive, racist, homophobic, disturbing, or derogatory is not permitted [1].


  2. Technical Limitations and Architectural Limitations:

    Midjourney, like other AI platforms, has certain technical and architectural limitations:


    • Midjourney, and AI art in general, can struggle with the concept of numbers and counting. For example, the AI may have difficulty generating an image accurately depicting a creature with a specific number of legs [2].

    • It may not be able to handle very complex or descriptive scenes, often getting only a few elements correct at a time [2].

  3. Usage and Access Limitations:

    • Midjourney operates through a bot within the chat app, Discord. It is not a web application, which may limit its accessibility for some users [3].

    • Midjourney does not provide an API to access the bot through third-party apps or scripts. Automating interactions with the Midjourney Bot is strictly prohibited, according to the platform's Terms of Service [1].

    • The generation of images is limited in speed and complexity. Image generation with Midjourney can take about 50 seconds to produce initial thumbnails, which is twice as long as some similar platforms like DALL·E. The platform also requires a second step to upscale the image to full quality, which takes additional time [3].

Why is Midjourney censored?

The decision of Midjourney, along with other generative AI platforms like ChatGPT, Character.AI, and Stable Diffusion, to censor NSFW (not-safe-for-work) content, including sexually explicit imagery, can be attributed to several business-related reasons [1][2].

  1. Safeguarding Brand Reputation: Companies often want to maintain a particular image in the public eye. Allowing NSFW content could lead to their platforms being associated with inappropriate content, which might negatively affect their reputation. By implementing measures against NSFW content, these companies aim to promote a more safe and wholesome image.

  2. Avoiding Potential Lawsuits: NSFW content can sometimes cross legal boundaries, especially if it involves explicit material of underage individuals. For instance, the founder of Stability AI, Emad Mostaque, pointed out that the inclusion of both NSFW content and images of children in an open model could lead to potential issues with child protection laws [2]. By eliminating NSFW content, companies can reduce the risk of legal issues.

  3. Securing their Place in the Marketplace: Many AI platforms are looking to be adopted by mainstream users and industries. Given societal norms and workplace policies, a significant portion of this potential user base may not be able to use or endorse a platform known for NSFW content generation.

  4. Protecting Users: These AI platforms are invested in safeguarding their users from potentially harmful content. By eliminating NSFW content, they hope to create a more secure environment for their users, especially younger ones [1].

It's important to note that these policies have led to some backlash from users, who argue that these restrictions infringe upon their creative liberties and view them as forms of censorship. However, these platforms seem to be focusing more on maintaining safety and avoiding potential controversies at the expense of limiting certain types of content [1][2][3].

Is Midjourney better than Dalle2?

Both Midjourney and Dall E-2 have their strengths and weaknesses, and choosing between them depends heavily on the specific requirements and preferences of the user. 

  1. Quality and Visual Appeal: Midjourney is recognized for generating visually stunning, versatile, and imaginative images that often surpass viewer's expectations. In multiple comparisons, Midjourney's output was deemed more visually appealing, capable of creating realistic and intricate imagery[1]. Dall E-2, on the other hand, was noted to produce technically accurate images but sometimes lacks the visual appeal required for most practical purposes[1].

  2. User Experience: Dall E-2 has an easy-to-use interface that doesn't require signing up with a third-party platform. It also provides users with the ability to create, edit, and fuse multiple images together, providing a lot of creative flexibility[2]. However, Midjourney, although more complicated to use and requires signing up with Discord, is appreciated for its powerful set of features and the ability to produce high-quality artistic images[2].

  3. Accessibility and Pricing: Dall E-2 can be accessed directly from the OpenAI website, offering new users 50 free credits to experiment with and reducing to 15 credits or 60 images after the first month. Midjourney, which is accessed via Discord, offers users 25 free images, after which it costs $10 a month to continue using the tool[3].

In conclusion, while both Midjourney and Dall E-2 have their unique strengths, Midjourney generally stands out in terms of visual appeal and image quality. However, Dall E-2 excels in user-friendly interface and creative flexibility. 

How much does Midjourney cost?

Midjourney offers several pricing tiers that cater to different users' needs and usage requirements:

  1. Basic Plan: This costs $10/month or $8/month with a yearly subscription. It offers 200 minutes of Fast GPU hours per month. There are no Relaxed GPU hours available with this plan[1][2].

  2. Standard Plan: Priced at $30/month or $24/month with a yearly subscription. This plan includes 15 hours of Fast GPU hours and unlimited Relaxed GPU hours per month. It is recommended for most users since it allows around 1000 actions and, after exhaustion, the "relax" mode can be used to generate images indefinitely[1][2].

  3. Pro Plan: It costs $60/month or $48/month with a yearly subscription. The plan features 30 hours of Fast GPU hours and unlimited Relaxed GPU hours. It also provides access to stealth mode, which enables users to hide their images on the Midjourney gallery website. This plan is suitable for extensive Midjourney users or those requiring privacy for their generations[1][2].

  4. Turbo Plan: Launched in July 2023, it is priced at $120/month or $96/month with a yearly subscription. This plan offers 60 hours of Fast GPU hours and unlimited Relaxed GPU hours, along with all the features of the Pro Plan. It's designed for users for whom the Pro plan isn't sufficient[1][2].

Midjourney also offers the possibility to add Fast GPU minutes if you run out, and these will roll over at the end of the month, not expiring with your billing cycle renewal[1][2][3].

It's also worth noting that Midjourney provides a free trial of 25 generations upon joining the Discord[1][2].

All these plans come with a 20% discount if you opt for an annual subscription[1][2][3].

You can manage your subscriptions, add-on purchases, and view pricing details by visiting the subscription page on the Midjourney website[1][2][3].

Why is Midjourney so popular?

  • Midjourney has gained significant popularity due to a multitude of factors:

  • Large User Base: Midjourney has a large user base, with its Discord having 14.5 million registered members and about 7.5% of those members are online and active at any given time. The Midjourney subreddit has over 275k members, showing the platform's wide reach.

  • Viral Content: A lot of content generated through Midjourney has gone viral, helping to boost its popularity. For instance, viral images created using Midjourney, such as AI-generated images of Donald Trump being arrested and the Pope wearing a stylish jacket, have drawn much attention.

  • Unique AI Art Style: Unlike other AI programs, Midjourney has its own unique artistic style, making it an ideal tool for artists and creatives. It allows users to create images from textual descriptions, which has attracted a lot of attention from AI enthusiasts and artists alike [3].

  • Accessible Interface: Midjourney users prefer hands-on learning, which is facilitated by the platform’s emphasis on looking at others’ examples. Furthermore, despite nearly half of the users reporting some level of coding or programming knowledge, 57% of users indicated zero technical coding knowledge, which speaks to the accessibility of Midjourney.

  • Active Community: Midjourney has an active community especially on Reddit, which contributes to its growth. The members of this community are among the most active on Reddit, largely due to the visual image-sharing nature of the platform .

  • Continuous Updates and Improvements: Midjourney has been continuously updated and improved since its launch. The company has been working tirelessly to enhance its algorithms and has released new versions every few months.

  • Rapid Traffic Growth: Midjourney’s website has seen dramatic traffic growth in 2023, signaling its increased popularity.

  • In conclusion, the growth and popularity of Midjourney can be attributed to its unique AI art style, active community, large user base, accessible interface, and continuous updates. The platform's ability to generate viral content has also significantly contributed to its popularity.

Can Midjourney create AI videos?

  • Midjourney can not currently be used in the creation of AI videos, as it primarily specializes in generating AI-based art and images.

  • The system of Midjourney works by accepting text prompts and parameters and utilizing a Machine Learning (ML) algorithm to create unique images based on the input given [1]. This is beneficial for a range of purposes, including the creation of visuals for marketing campaigns, social media posts, web design, and other creative projects. The tool offers a variety of features and customization options to ensure that the generated images align with the user’s brand identity and creative vision.

  • Midjourney v5.2, a recent update of the tool, includes a feature called "Zoom Out" which allows users to prompt the Midjourney AI to "zoom out" on an image they have uploaded or created to provide further context generated by the AI.

  • Although it doesn't specifically generate videos, this feature can give more depth and context to an image, allowing it to mimic the effects of a moving camera. This can be further exploited to create dynamic sequences that mimic video content. Some AI tools like Runway's Gen-1 and Gen-2 have the ability to generate videos from text and images, and with the advancements Midjourney is making, it's plausible they may include similar video creation features in future releases.

  • As such, while Midjourney's primary function is not video generation, the tool's features, like the "Zoom Out" function, and the creative potential it offers, particularly in conjunction with other AI tools, mean it can contribute significantly to the production of AI videos.

NSFW Midjourney AI Image Generator

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